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Art therapy How patients in Swiss psychiatric clinics painted their experience

An exhibition traces how early Swiss psychiatric patients used art to come to terms with life inside an institution.

alpine living The real face of the quaint Swiss chalet

Behind every Swiss cliché - whether chocolate, cheese or?banks -?is a kernel of truth.

In photos: Schaffhausen The woman who guards a Swiss town

The small town of Schaffhausen, on the border with Germany, is being guarded by a woman for the first time.

Ski season The piste basher's long night

Werner Freitag and his team are out every night during the ski season in Elm, central Switzerland, preparing the slopes.

Elm ski region ‘We’re lucky – there’s lots of snow in Elm’

Bruno Landolt has been in charge of the Elm mountain lift?company for 16 years.

Year in review 2018 Energy highs and lows

Here’s our look back at the past 365 days, using some of the year’s most powerful images.

Schweizer Tafel Waste not, want not is motto of Swiss food charity

Switzerland can afford to throw away a lot of food. But 7.5% of the population in the wealthy country live below the poverty line.

Fahr Convent A day in the life of a Swiss nun

Just 20 nuns still live in Fahr Convent. But their future is uncertain, as they can’t find any new members.

Mould masters Rotting CERN photos turned into art

After years of slow degradation, bacteria growing on the slides has eaten away at the gelatine, creating new images.

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